Mighty Mouse Cartoon

People from all age groups have their own favorite cartoon characters. There are several different cartoon characters that have given people amusement all over the world for many years. They can be humans, animals, tools, cars, trains, tools, monsters, and others. Some of these cartoon characters made huge impact to the world while others just vanished and went forgotten.  Some of these characters that made a lasting impression to people are the famous cartoon mice characters. One of these cartoon mice is the Mighty Mouse cartoon character.

The Mighty Mouse cartoon was created by the Terrytoons studio, who also created Underdog cartoon. This character first appeared in 1940 in The Mouse of Tomorrow, a theatrical animated short. Mighty Mouse cartoon character went into series of changes in its entity, name, and costume. Initially, it was a housefly with super powers called Superfly until Paul Terry, the studio head, changed it to a mouse, instead. After changing the entity, it was given the name Super Mouse; however, Terry later learned that the same name was already given to a comic book character which prompted him to change the name again to Mighty Mouse. When Mighty Mouse cartoon first appeared, it wore a costume which resembles to that of Superman. Such costume was later changed to yellow with red trunks while retaining the red cape. Just like Superman, Mighty Mouse also possess super powers which he can use readily to punish his enemy which will eventually give up its evil plan and run away. In one of his cartoon shows, he demonstrated his X-ray vision power while in other shows he displayed his hypnotic power to move inanimate object.

Mighty Mouse’s love interest is a mouse named Pearl Pureheart and his arch-rival is a cat named Oil Can Harry. All these characters were created for the Mighty Mouse cartoon series that spoofed old cliffhanger film serials as well as the classic operettas that were popular in those days.  The characters on Mighty Mouse pictures often sang opera songs in a mocking way. Aside from the operatic songs, Mighty Mouse is also known to sing his own signature Mighty Mouse theme song everytime his character soars into action.

Mighty Mouse was the most popular character of the Terrytoons company; however, the Mighty mouse cartoon was not the most popular of all theatrical cartoons. In 1955, Paul Terry sold his Terrytoons company to CBS which made the Mighty Mouse cartoon a cultural icon. The CBS network began airing Mighty Mouse Playhouse in 1955 of December. Mighty Mouse Playhouse seasons stayed on air for nearly 12 years which featured the Mighty Heroes for its final season. For over thirty years (from 1950s until the 1980s), Mighty Mouse show became a part of the regular shows of childrens TV program.

Even though the Mighty Mouse cartoon show became a popular on childrens television, the Terrytoons company was only able to produced three theatrical cartoons from 1959 to 1961. The CBS company is confident enough that the huge numbers of episodes were enough to keep children and youngsters glued to their network every Saturday morning.